Demi Ucok

Barusan jumat kemarin gw nonton lagi yang namanya film indonesia berkualitas. Demi ucok... film yang Indonesia banget dengan humor yang memang batak banget...

Gw nonton bareng pacar dong. Belinya online pake kartu bioskopnya (sumpah bukan promosi).. ngakak bareng2. And sure she saved our date* (Kayak di iklannya)...

Film ini gw kenal hampir semuanya. Seniman yang terlibat di dalamnya sama kayak dulu di film cin(t)a. Sutradara, pemain, promotornya, produsernya, dulu sempet kenal pas lagi promo tour di UK.  Hmmmm, jadi inget dulu ngobrol ama orang2 yang luar biasa ini. Produser si atun, sutradara si atied (atied jadi cameo pas gloria lagi turun tangga, pas2an ama atied), lanjut ada Sunny (sempet nginep di flatnya Andes, rame2); last but not least ada Mbak Danti (istrinya Tumpal). Hahahaha.. feels different when i could see while i know who are they also. Ada perasaan envy, especially when someone could make something "fabuluous" which also has a meaning to a lot of human kind. I hope i can do it also in the future. Maybe tomorrow, or two days later, who knows. Insya Allah, I am connecting the dots or building the stacks first. Need process, and energy..

First is how to be a meaning for my family, for my futurw wife as i am getting marry this year (Insha Allah)..

Let start with a commitment crossed in heart! Bismillah..



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