Saturday, April 30, 2022

Ramadhan Mubarak

 Alhamdulillah, we have reached another Ramadhan this year.

Insya Allah we will face next year, amiin.

I think I had this Ramadhan going rapidly. We went to Indonesia for 2 weeks in the early Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, we had our tarawih and ate sahor on the first day in Indonesia. It was a luxury as we had not had a chance to return home since 2020.

This Ramadhan is very different for me. I have a new role and responsibilities. I have new responsibilities which are barely understood at the first time. And we are so busy making this project happen. We are still in the middle of the delivery. But I learned a lot of things, and hopefully, I could do better and more robust than now. This is my first project.

Previously, I managed my project as a product developer as well. This is a different situation as, currently, I have to work with the stakeholders and the developers from various parties. It is challenging yet worthed. 

Alhamdulillah, I could have more things to do in this Ramadhan. I hope to become a better person in the next Ramadhan, better as a human being and professional. I hope all I have done and will do will become good deeds. Amiin.



 Just read a book about psychology,

something is interesting in this book. This is based on the background and inner child experience. After I saw the incident in the Grammy Award when someone slapped a Stand up Comedian while he was roasting this actor's wife. It relates to the feeling of the inner child (based on a psychologist column)

I was in a scenario about achievement. I do always remember that achievement is the number one priority in our family, or at least that is what I understand from what my mother said. However, there were positives. Maybe that is why I pursued my Ph.D. So, I have some inner child that I have recently become aware of. This internal child background forces me to do more in education level. Which is I believe it is a good reason and it is a good cause. 

The one trade-off that I realized that mental health. I do like compliments and praises. I always love how people praise my work and like my work. That becomes the minimum threshold for my happiness. Unfortunately, we could not make everyone happy with our work. Everyone has a different mindset model and taste. So, I was in my low form when I did my Ph.D. when I did not know what happened and what should I do. It was the lowest point in my life, I think.

But alhamdulillah, I went through it. I was able Allah gives me a perfect support system. I had supportive supervisors, surrounded by fabulous friends and a caring family. 

And this may happen again sometimes, but Alhamdulillah, Ph.D., was the lowest point. So now I have a mindset that failures are good things. We could learn, and we could thrive from the losses. This book also suggested I forgive myself and other people. I have to realize that I am good enough, that my work is good enough. If someone does not want it, it is their problem. I promise to try to fix it towards the expectation, but I cannot promise it will be straightforward. I do need steps and a learning curve. Hopefully, this journey will shape me into a better me. Insya Allah. Amiin


Thursday, January 27, 2022


Sometimes I do need my perfectionist to be more flexible than now. More often, I do not feel satisfied with one or another thing. Especially for the one that I love, like the mobile phone, or that time was my car. I could not see any scratch, even a spot. This has become my habit. I tried to fix it, but unfortunately, sometimes it is beyond my capability.

So, at this time, I tried my best and tried to embrace that was the best thing I could do. The result is reflected later. As long as I tried and worked it out, at least I gained something, learned something, and knew something that I did not know beforehand.

So, I have to always remember silver linings between dark clouds (Japanese proverbs).


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Our ride in Town

 It has been a while since we have our own car.

We thought that having a car is the best way to commute in here, especially when there are 4 of us, 3 and 6 yo children. It is quite a challenge when we were waiting to Grab or use public transportation. So, we decided to buy a used car here. Compare to Malaysia, the price of the car is more expensive than there. We are able to buy a new car, proton saga, which is brand new when we were in Malaysia. The price is affordable as we are able to buy it by installment. And the most important aspect is the economical consideration. New car's devaluations are higher and we prefer to use the money for another thing. So, here we go with our option of looking for a second-hand car. 

All right, what car then? so we are looking for a 7 seater car. There were a few options, Pajero, Fortuner, BRV, Innova, Sienta, etc. Then, it comes to the range of the manufactured year. We decided to have a maximum of 4-5 years old car which we assume may have fewer issues than the older one. We have done long research and sought from all online marketplace, mostly; And the conclusion comes for Sienta. a Toyota, which has been our reliable brand in the family. We had Soluna and then Vios when were in Indonesia. So Sienta, a 7 seater car with compact dimension we picked as it may give us convenience when we are driving through the alleys in here.

Then, we have found the car that we want. The research has been narrowed down until we find the best showroom car dealer. We choose Toyota Sure, based on our friend's recommendation. They have inspected and checked the car and refreshed it to almost as like a new one. So we did look for a couple of Toyota Sures across the river, First dealer had one which is beyond our budget. Then the second we have found two Sienta which were in our budget range. We checked and tested the car in the parking lot (which is a huge parking lot). We have found that this is the best car for us. We asked the price, negotiate the website's price. and voila, the car is booked.

for a 4 years car, we think it is very good. Pricewise and peace of mind have been given as it is a certificated by the Toyota itself. Hopefully, it will give us a fortune (berkah) for our family here.

NOTE: The pictures I got from my son and the agent that sold the car


Music Recalls Memory

 I had just recently bought a speaker for my son's laptop. The newly replaced sound module seems does not to work well. However, a second-handed bought from Facebook gave us a promising solution. 

The most interesting part is when I tried to play some music from the website and Spotify. The music list that I have reminds me of the exact time when I was listening to the music. For example, I am listening to Ikhlas by Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, my mind flies back to the moment when I was onboarding an AirAsia aircraft. I was back and forth Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur for a couple of months at that time. And this song has become my soundtrack every Monday morning. 

Currently, I am listening to sunflower, ost spiderman in the multiverse (apologize for the title). It reminds me of my son who is fonded to listening to this song and dancing. It was before his younger brother was born. We went to the movie to watch this and he was very happy. It was a joyful moment. 

I had an experience in studying in the UK. So, Coldplay and King of Convenience were the ones who accompanied me when I did my research and worked on my research on the weekend :)  

So, Alhamdulillah I do still remember each moment of the music I was listening to.